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Builders buckets

Builders bucket ITM

Builders buckets with nylon handle

The ITM builders bucket is a container with a volume of 12 liters, used in masonry to transport loose, fluid or pasty materials, especially, to prepare the plaster or mortar masses.

It is also used in gardening tasks and nautical for its great durability, it has a comfortable handling.

It is manufactured in black for masonry, green for gardening and white for nautical use.


Height 250 milimeters, maximun diameter 315 milimeters

General thickness 3.1 milimeters
Upper bordon 7.8 milimeters


200 Units per pallet

Pallet height 175 centimeters

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Builders buckets



ITM Industrias Tomás Morcillo
Calle La Fila 5
Pol. Ind. Mediterráneo
46550 ALBUIXECH (Valencia)
Comunidad Valenciana, ESPAÑA