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Recommendation for the installation of debris chutes

We offer you some recommendations for the placement of a chutes column as a debris evacuation system, by using a crane. The specific needs of a work may require a different assembly, which should determine the technical staff.

Fixing brackets for the placement of a debris column in a construction site

Placement of debris chutes, step by step

The first step is the installation of the universal support bracket at the first height, where a hopper will be placed.

The support bracket can be placed vertically or horizontally

Support bracket

A fixing bracket for debris slide A fixing bracket for debris slide

Support bracket Maxi

A fixing bracket for a debris hopper A fixing bracket for debris chutes

Once the first debris chute is inserted, it must be raised, while adding more tubes to the column.

The hopper must be fixed by chains to a metal rod. And the rod, must be coupled to the latch hook of the crane.

When the hopper is at the height of the support bracket, it is necessary to join it with a chain and a carabiner.

This process will be repeated for each floor of the building. Starting the series with a hopper if there is a debris removal point at that level.

Operator placing the rocker to raise a chutes column Rocker arm anchored to a hopper

Column of chutes rising
Safety in the chutes column assembly

We recommend to install one support bracket for each hopper to ensure the stability of the column.

And if several floors of a building are not going to have a hopper, an anchor should be placed for each height (approximately every three meters ), using the tool or method determined by the technical staff at the building site.

It is necessary to check the correct state of all the that aregoing to be used. Especially that they are completely closed and coupled in the correct position to ensure safety.

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The debris chute column should always be straight for safety.

The last chute of the chute column, the one that connects to the container, must be placed one meter above the container height, to prevent debris from accumulating and clogging thechutes column. In addition, it is important to tie this last tube two ends to the container.

Debris downspouts

The debris chute column should always be straight for safety

Safety measures in the installation of debris chutes

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