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Maxi debris chute

ITM Maxi debris chute with hopper
ITM Maxi debris chute
Calculate how many chutes and hoppers you need ITM CHUTES

Debris removal system components

This Maxi debris removal system is used in constructions that need to remove large volume debris, such as drywalls or plasterboards

It differs from its competitors by its lightness, great resistance and safety guarantees

Requires the use of two components: the ITM Maxi plastic chutes and the Maxi chutes with hopper

Maxi ITM Chutes

The Maxi plastic chutes facilitate the removal of debris in any construction in a fast and efficient way.

Its use is very simple. A succession of tubes joined together is placed from the evacuation point to the container.

Maxi ITM Chutes with hopper

The ITM Maxi chute with hopper is the initial piece of the rubble chute column, indicated for the large-sized debris evacuation on any construction site.

Its design allows it to be used as an intermediate or lateral load, being possible its location in a window, a balcony or intermediate floors.


Maxi ITM Chutes

Fitting distance 680 mm Total dimensions: 700 x 410 mm, 960 mm height Base dimensions: 600 x 370 mm
General thickness: 5.4 mm Upper thickness: 8 mm

Maxi ITM Chutes with hopper

Total dimensions: 700 x 410 mm, 900 mm height Base dimensions: 600 x 370 mm Hopper dimensions: 690 x 610 mm x 720 mm
Hopper thickness: 4 mm with inner reinforcement
Calculate how many chutes and hoppers you need


Anchor dimensions Thickness: 4mm
Anchor: 55mm x 85mm Chain link: 60mm x 28mm x 7mm thickness

Calculate how many chutes and hoppers you need

With this tool you can quickly and easily calculate the number of chute and chute with hopper needed for your installation. The calculation takes into account the fitting distance between the chutes and the hoppers, and the total height of the tube.

You just have to introduce the total height of the installation in meters, and the number of intermediate discharge points you need.

Meters to cover

Download points


Support bracket for buildings

It is used as an anchor for the rubbish chute column. It is easily anchored to any construction structural element such as the floor slab, a window or a balcony

Balance beam column hook

The ITM balance beam column hook facilitates the assembly and disassembly of a chute column. The main function of the balance beam column hook is to balance the support of the sections that make up the column of the plastic chutes.


We offer you some recommendations for the placement of a chutes column as a debris evacuation system, by using a crane. The specific needs of a work may require a different assembly, which should determine the technical staff.


Maxi ITM Chutes

10 Units per pallet

Pallet dimensions: 80 x 120 cm, 203 cm height

Maxi ITM Chutes with hopper

6 Units per pallet

Pallet dimensions 80 x 120 cm

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