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Mortar skip

ITM mortar skip

200 liters capacity

The ITM mortar skip allows easy transport of construction materials such as mortar, sand or gravel

Available with legs for easy pallet transport

ITM Construcción manufactures a polyethylene plastic mortar skip.
Mortar Skip main use is the easy transport of construction materials such as mortar, sand or gravel, mong others.
The tank truck easily deposits the mixture in the mortar skip. In this way, the mortar can be easily transported through the construction site using the mortar skip as a container.
Mortar Skip can be purchased without or with accessory legs to facilitate transport by pallet truck.
Our mortar skip weighs 13 kilos and 15 with legs. It can contain 200 liters.And it supports a maximum load of 400 kilos.


Totally watertight

High impact resistance

Lightweight and stackable for easy storage

Sturdy handles for easy transportation with crane at height

It does not rust

Free of sharp edges and burrs

Easy to clean after use

They don't need to be painted


Mortar skip

Total dimensions in milimeters: 1000 x 660 x 490 height

Mortar skip with legs

Base dimensions in milimeters: 760 x 450


24 Units per pallet

Pallet 80 x 120 centimeters, height 130 centimeters

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